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Prayer is the world's greatest wireless connection. 

We, thank You for your daily support! 


This trip was blessed with the most amazing people! Serving over 14,000 people in 2 weeks with 9 Santa Cruzan's and 20 - H20 International staff.

From our phenomenal local H20 Malawi interns and our Santa Cruz team, to Assist International, Children of the Nation, Dress a Girl, Dress a Dude for supplies, to Swan Drive Media who followed the team around with drones for the H20 /Bright Vision Solar documentaries, to the senior staff of the Malawi government and to local churches partners like Twin Lakes Church, Santa Cruz Bible Church.

Here are the stats:

  • 6000 inmates and 8000 orphans loved, feed, clothed with the good news about God's wonderful love.

  • 3 new Bright Vision Solar power stations with grain mills and refrigeration.

  • Vision journey for H20's newest endeavor, a Christian training center at Lake Malawi.



Sunday, 15th July

  • Bzyanzi Youth Prison outreach.

  • Fed and clothed 300 young inmates.    

  • Bright Vision Solar completed solar lighting for the cells and outdoor lighting.

Monday, 16th July

  • Bright Vision Orphan-care's Camp H20!

  • Bible Camp for 2,500 children including bibles, food, soap and clothing.

  • Bright Vision Solar started installation of the second solar powered grain mill in the new H20 facility (built by our own Amazing Grace Construction Company). 

Tuesday, 17th July

  • Maula Prison H20 Soccer Championships!

  • Food, soap, bibles for 4,000 inmates and guards.

  • Bright Vision Solar completed solar outdoor lighting. 

  • Aids Crisis Nursery 

  • Loving and holding babies.

  • Bright Vision Solar engineering outreach! 


Wednesday, 18th July

  • Ntchisi Youth Prison Outreach!

  • Food, soap, bibles for 500 inmates and guards.

  • Bright Vision Solar completed solar outdoor lighting

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