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About Us

There is literally no project, no problem, no darkness too big for us. 


Because we have no plan of our own. We listen for what God wants to do.

We listen to the local people. We hear the ancient cry in the heart of these precious gems - the Malawian people - and we listen to the Lord’s heart interwoven through their voice.


Then we pray. We tell others about the need and the solution within reach.


But we never actually solve the problem. In fact that would go against everything we believe in.

Foreign aid coming from the outside bringing their resources and solutions can actually make the situation worse.

Instead, we educate, equip, and empower local communities. . . rise up into their identity as sons and daughters of God, into their inheritance as builders of his kingdom, and into their place on the battlefield to take back for themselves everything that has been lost.

We never leave them to do it alone, but we never do it FOR them.

Does this approach work? Absolutely!

  • We’ve seen literally thousands of people come to know Jesus, whether inmates, or attendees of our evangelistic soccer tournaments, or orphans, or widows, or local businessmen. No one is out of the reach of Jesus.

  • We've watched whole communities rise up out of poverty into prosperity through new thriving businesses empowered by our state-of-the-art, solar-powered appliances.

  • We've fed orphans, cared for widows, and visited and transformed prisoners behind bars.

  • We've built hospitals, held soccer tournaments, started schools, and equipped successful tradesmen and pastors.

H2O's Guidelines:

1. Never do things for people that they can do themselves.

2. Promote solutions from the local community.

3, Decisively be in partnership with the local community.

4. Promote and teach a long-term vision.

5. Local people have priority on all work. 

6. Start with an end game in mind.

7. Must have 3 local leaders: government, business, and church.

8. Teaching, empowering, and transforming communities is H2O's #1 priority.

9. Always focus on financial and spiritual accountability.

10. Aid without learning will foster poverty.

                                      Visit                                    and see the progress


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Want to join the fun? Africa will never be the same. The world will never be the same. YOU will never be the same.Get in touch with us if you’d like to lock arms with us. Prayer, funding, anything you think you can contribute….we’d love to talk.

Community Gallery

H2O = helping People become self-sufficient.

Giving homeless veterans opportunities at H2O.

​Paddy & Tom started a distribution business (Bright Vision Solar) to hire homeless veterans.

Veterans with a desire to become productive members of society

We have learned that just throwing resources and money at a problem, such as homeless vets, is a poor approach.

You can’t just “support” away homelessness.

It takes a community. We assembled a team of community partners that includes the county’s homeless service’s coordinator Rayne Marr and veterans service officer Dean Kaufman.

(The homeless veteran employees will have their housing and healthcare managed by these dedicated community leaders.)

Results: Success. The homeless veterans are eager, dedicated, and are self-sufficient.  Veterans are finding higher paid jobs elsewhere as a result of the training. That is the real measurement of success for our homeless US veterans' "self sufficient" program.

Result: A win-win for everyone.

His 2 Offer is providing more projects, for USA's homeless veterans.

Paddy - H2O is Changing our World

His 2 Offer (H2O) items:

1.  LoLo Van conversion kits for homeless people to be able to wash and dry clothing, to improve their ability to obtain employment and well-being.

2. Shipping of Solar power systems and accessories, such as LED lighting, chargers for cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Solar-powered corn grinding mills, bread ovens to empower women, water systems for drinking, sanitary purposes, and irrigation water to produce many crops for food.

3. LED light manufacturing, assembly and shipping. We have produced lighting for Tesla.  These lights are leading edge technology, UL approved with a life span of over 400,000 hours, adjustable color rendition, focus and setup to use solar power systems for further cost reduction. 

Each light takes roughly 15 minutes to assemble. Tom and Paddy expect to ship 1,000 units a month to customers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ralph's grocery stores, and Tesla.

But this is just the beginning. By the end of the year, Bright Vision Solar plans to employee 20 homeless U.S.A military veterans, expand to a larger manufacturing space and diversify its product offerings.

4. “We’re seeing a great deal of interest in using our grow lights, as they increase production of berries etc.” said Tom McClellan, a self-taught engineer (who has numerous awards and patents for his sustainable lighting focus. “It’s a product wholly unique to the market and revolutionary.”

Tom McClellan also shared, Bright Vision Solar’s new River Street office space, which has blueprints of the upcoming, communities from exorbitant processing costs for maize corn and rice milling, customizable LED grow lights based on the research of NASA engineers; thin, cheap LED panels that can easily fit into existing suspended ceilings or be powered by a single solar panel.

“With new solar developments, there are so many new products we can develop to help people everywhere become independent productive members of society and not have to rely on charities for their food and shelter. We envision helping other charities become self-sustaining.  As they teach people needing training and help to become self-sustaining, productive members of their society.

Tom sharing Solar Oven at H2O
Solar Mill plans for H20
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