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Thank You - Notes

Firstly, I would like to wholeheartedly thank God for using Paddy with all H20 partners for your
kind gesture in helping with the feeding program at Chamadenga, Nathenje. Bright Vision
Orphan Care feeding Center here in Malawi. As a bonafide citizen of Malawi and who is also
working under H20 Malawi, it is very true that this area has got many children who are orphans
in this area. This is due because of many factors but the major one being the effect of HIV/AIDS.
These young ones turn to the center for their lunch as they attend classes. The elderly and the
disabled too also have a place to eat at the center. This makes the cost of purchasing food
supplies ie corn and beans very expensive as firewood has to be purchased as well. Many thanks
to H20 for the introduction of The Solar Corn Mill since it will ease the cost of shelling.
The whole of Chamadenga turns to the feeding center as is the only place that offers this
food help in the area throughout the year. When children take their food, they go back to school
and take their lessons, this will make them learn many things and be good future leaders of the
nation. The money donated will really help to add a third feeding day at the center a success with
the good accountability of Stanley Chapota who is The Director together with his colleagues at
the center and Kellen Hiroto being the overseer of operations and advice.
This year Malawi will experience bad yield because the rains just cut off after fertilizer
application especially here in the central and southern region and there is a great possibility of
many vulnerable people turning to Bright Vision Orphan Care for food. Your help will go a long
way to help in buying food supplies for the area and may The Lord continue blessing H20 and all
its partners who work tirelessly to help the poor, orphans, the elderly and disabled group.

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